Mateus Emilio batista : 4 stick man
Mateus Emiio Batista : 4 stick man
Mateus Emilio batista : 4 stick man

About me

I have been playing steel-drums (pan) for nineteen years.

The technique I use, requires playing with four sticks: like the vibraphone... But since the vibraphone is linear, the round pan requires a continuous search for different techniques and angles for playing, and reaching notes and chords.

This way of playing requires full body articulation. The richness and the infinite possibilities that arises from playing with four sticks, go hand in hand with huge technical difficulties...

4stick technique (wil be translated soon...)

Je n'ai pas l'intention de faire une méthode complète pour la technique du Steel Drums (Pan) a quatre baguettes... Ma seule intention est de proposer une petite série de exercices d'initiation à cette technique... Enfin, telle que je la pratique... Parce que je ne suis pas le seul a jouer a quatre baguettes...

2000 / 2008 Various solo concerts

- Concerts in Gheto Square with Rumbahania
- Brentz Chapel - Vaud / Switerland
- Theatre 140 - Brussels / Belgium
- Ferrara Buskers Festival - Ferrara / Italie
- Novara Street Festival - Italie
- Skopje Buskerfest - Skopje / Macedonia


Watch videos of me playing pan.
With pieces of Satie, Sor, Bach.
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Photographs of performances, audience, 4stick technique, and read comments.
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